February 29, 2012

Trades with Crackin' Wax, Foul Bunt, Get the Bat Off Your Shoulder, and $30 a Week Habit

The past two weeks have been good for cards in the mail!

Crackin' Wax sent me a package of Cardinals cards--but I'm ashamed to say I can't remember which ones. (I really need to start keeping track of my trades--sorry about that.)

William at Foul Bunt sent me three cards I needed for my 1990 and 1991 Topps and 1982 Donruss team sets, even though I had no cards he needed. Thanks so much, William!

I sent Anthony at Get the Bat Off Your Shoulder a few 2012 Topps cards to help him complete Series I and he sent me a few Cardinals to help fill my team set--thanks, Anthony!

Today, I received a bubble mailer filled with recent Cardinals cards from Robert at $30 a Week Habit. Almost all of them were ones I needed (the ones I didn't had just been bought at a card shop last weekend). Needless to say, I now have a head start on a few sets I didn't even know about.

Let's start with a new favorite of mine--and many other fellow bloggers, I've learned: Allen & Ginter's. Robert sent me four cards to start my 2011 set: #188 Daniel Descalso, #132 Colby Rasmus, #BHS-5 Albert Pujols (Baseball Highlight Sketches), and #HH9 Adam Wainwright (Hometown Heroes).

Another favorite set is the Topps Heritage, of which I received a 2009 #507 John Smoltz (my first Cardinal card of him) and 2011 #223 Ryan Theriot. (I also received several other 2011's, though they were the ones I just got at the aforementioned card show.)

There were four 2009 O-Pee-Chee cards for #493 Yadier Molina, #568 Jason Motte, #215 Ryan Ludwick, and #587 Colby Rasmus. Call me old fashioned, but I like these cards: no gold, no gloss, no stamping of any kind. A baseball card like it was meant to be. These give me a great start on this Cardinals set!

Robert gave me a great start on a few sets, especially the 2011 Topps set, with nine cards--including this cool #121 of Chris Carpenter.

There were even a couple of the recently departed Albert Pujols.

My take on the whole Pujols defection is: I was upset on the day it happened--because he could have ended his career in St. Louis, held many of the career batting records, and become a one-team franchise icon like Stan Musial and Bob Gibson. But then I was OK with it because he was given way too many years and way overpaid; he basically took the money and left. Still, he is arguably the greatest player of his generation and I can say I had a chance to interview him in his only season in the minor leagues before he became Albert Pujols. (I'll have to tell that story one of these days.) These were two nice cards!

One odd card Robert sent me was a 2011 Topps #57 Mark Trumbo. Who plays for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The team Pujols left St. Louis for.

I'll take this as an honest mistake--both the Cardinals and Angels wear red, after all--and not a jab at a very sensitive spot in this Cardinal fan's heart. (wink)

Thank you to everyone for the trades! I've been writing this blog for less than a month and I already have several trades under my belt. If anyone would like to trade with me, please check out my want lists in the top left column of the blog. Thanks!


  1. Now that is a major ooppss!! At least you should be able to flip that to someone else in a trade.

    Glad you enjoyed them!!

  2. No problem. I thought it was funny when I was thumbing through them and spotted that Angels card. I really appreciate the trade! Almost all of them were ones I needed.

  3. I'm sure I can find some Cards off your want lists. I'll try to get cracking on that this weekend.

  4. Thanks, Night Owl! I'll look over your want lists and see what I have.