February 15, 2012

2012 Topps Cardinals (Series 1) Needs

I've bought several packs and jumbos of the 2012 Topps over the past few weeks, but out of the goodness of my heart (and to encourage my 13-year-old son to collect) I've let him keep all the Cardinals and I take the duplicates.

So far, the only ones I have for myself are Matt Holliday #320; David Freese #273; World Series #53, and #124 Active Leaders (Pujols/Guerrero/Helton).

Thanks to Paul over at Wrigley Wax, I now know which ones I'm missing:

Base Cards:
#3 Jaime Garcia, #44 Edwin Jackson, #77 League Leaders (Albert Pujols), #92 Active Leaders (Chris Carpenter), #264 Chris Carpenter, #192 Active Leaders

TM-19 Lance Berkman, TM-21 Matt Holliday

Golden Moments:
GM-6 Red Schoendienst, GM-27 Lance Berkman, GM-29 Albert Pujols

Golden Moments Relics:
GMR-AP Albert Pujols, GMR-DD Daniel Descalso, GMR-MH Matt Holliday, GMR-SMU Stan Musial

Golden Moments Autograph Relics:
GMAR-RS Red Schoendienst, GMAR-SM Stan Musial

Timeless Talents:
TT-19 Stan Musial/Lance Berkman

Timeless Talents Dual Relics:
TTDR-TTH Bob Gibson/Roy Halladay

Gold Standards Inserts:
GS-2 Stan Musial, GS-5 Bob Gibson

Golden Greats Inserts:
GG-66 Albert Pujols, GG-67 Albert Pujols, GG-69 Albert Pujols, GG-70 Albert Pujols

Golden Greats Autographs:
GGA-AP1 Albert Pujols, GGA-AP2 Albert Pujols, GGA-AP3 Albert Pujols, GGA-AP4 Albert Pujols, GGA-AP5 Albert Pujols

Golden Greats Relics:
GGR-66 Albert Pujols, GGR-67 Albert Pujols, GGR-68 Albert Pujols, GGR-69 Albert Pujols, GGR-70 Albert Pujols

Golden Greats Autograph Relics:
GGAR-AP1 Albert Pujols, GGAR-AP2 Albert Pujols, GGAR-AP3 Albert Pujols, GGAR-AP4 Albert Pujols, GGAR-AP5 Albert Pujols

In The Name Jumbo Relics:
ITNR-LB Lance Berkman, ITNR-MH Matt Holliday, ITNR-YM Yadier Molina

#93 Skip Schumacher (Rally Squirrel) (I can dream, can't I?)

Note: Cards in red underlined = Cards promised in TTM

I have a list of 2012 Topps trade bait cards here. Thank you!


  1. I can send you 108, 233, 258, 291 and 329 if you like. Email me your address, I'll send them out to you.

  2. I have a Albert Pujuols GGA-AP3 that I'm waiting on. Topps says it wont ship until 9/9/12 though.