February 26, 2012

My Weekend: First Card Show in 20+ Years and Visit to Cards-R-Fun

On Saturday, I went to the Middle Tennessee Sports Card Show in Nashville, my first show in over 20 years. It wasn't a large show--only nine dealers, I think--held in a small gymnasium, but I did come away with some Cardinals cards and a great start on 2010 and 2011 Topps Heritage team sets. I also discovered some cards I'd really like to start collecting: the 2010 Topps Vintage Legends.

I love these cards! Jackie Robinson on a 1976 Topps design...Thurman Munson as a '59 card...Jimmie Foxx on an '86 card! I think they're really cool and even though they're not Cardinals, I'd like to finish the set.

I did OK on my spending at the show ($24)...but then I stopped by Cards-R-Fun about five minutes down the road. What started out as "just a few minutes" became four hours! (If you've ever been to this store, you'll know why.) It's a great place to find tons of commons, but man, it's disorganized! I went with the intention of finding some Topps Heritage Cardinals--and a found a few from different years--but you have to search through boxes that contain multiple years and sets. You pretty much have to dive in and find whatever cards you've never seen before. When it was over, I had 150+ cards and a $33 bill. Yikes! There goes my card budget for March.

Overall, it was great to go to the show and one dealer from whom I bought most of my cards said he would bring more Cardinals for the March show. I only wish there had been more dealers to choose from.


  1. Sometimes the small shows pan out really well and sometimes not. I like to check them out anyway, you never know what you might find!

  2. I also like that Vintage Legends set, I still need 4 to finish it. There's 2 cards of Ozzie Smith in that set, one as a Cardinal, one as a Padre, I like them both.

  3. Baseball Dad: It's the only show in my area, so I'll definitely go back again. I guess I just remember the glory days of large shows and lots to choose from.

    Anthony: I had never come across them before and thought they were really neat. I'm a sucker for vintage cards, whether it's new players on old designs or legends on new ones!

  4. You might also like the "All-time fan favorites" inserts from 2004, if you haven't see that already. They take a card style of a set that the player actually appeared in, but a completely new photo.

  5. I saw several cards from the All-Time Fan Favorites on eBay, and I like those too! Thanks for letting me know about them.