January 31, 2012

State of the Card Collection, January 2012

At the end of every month, I'll access additions I've made to my Cardinals card collection and determine which cards I'd like to add in the coming month(s).

After Christmas, I purchased my first group of 1933 Goudey cards and only the second time I've ever purchased for this set. (The first was #62 Pepper Martin I found for $25 at the Nashville Flea Market years ago.) These are now the oldest cards in my Cards collection. There was a seller on eBay who had starting prices around $1 each, so I focused on the Cardinals cards and netted four out of maybe six he was offering. The ones I won were Ethan Allen #46, Bill Hallahan #200, Bill Walker #94, and Jimmy Wilson #37. It's a good start for this set, though I still have nine more to go.

Around the same time, I also won my first 1939 Play Ball card (Lon Warneke #41). Seven more left to complete this set.

In January, I decided to complete some sets where I only needed one or two cards to do it. The 1953 Bowman Black and White was fairly easy, as I already had Dick Sisler #10 and only needed Stu Miller #16 and Wilmer "Vinegar Bend" Mizell #23 to finish. Next was the 1955 Bowman, which is now done after getting Eddie Stanky #238.

Sometimes you only have five or six cards in a set that has some 20 cards, so it's just better to purchase the whole set rather than piece it together over time. That's what I did with the 1981 Donruss and 1984 Fleer sets in January.

I read on a card collecting blog (sorry, the name and link escapes me) about a 1975 Cardinals set produced by a company called SSPC. It's a simple design, but the photos look much better than what Topps was producing in the decade.

Ideally, I'd like to go back to my want lists and complete some more sets this spring, as money permits. (That's always the deciding factor, isn't it?) I'll try to create a want list in case any fellow card collecting bloggers would like to trade. I have lots of '80s and early '90s commons just gathering dust and I'd be willing to help fill other's cards needs as well.

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